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New Read & Write (v6)
This is an excellent product for people with learning disabilities that helps to support their varying degrees of ability.
TEXThelp software can be adapted to suit each individualís needs and encompasses core features such as speech,
a talking phonetic spell checker, homophone support, speaking dictionary, word wizard and audible word prediction.
This software (which I personally use) provides the tools that will enable users to progress independently, gaining
motivation, satisfaction and the results they deserve.

Dyslexia My life

Girard Sagmiller speaks candidly about his struggles growing up and the negative perceptions people had of him. He
explains how he overcame being told he was mentally incapable of functioning in school, to go on to
achieve a Master's Degree in Business Administration.


A professional community and web directory for elementary school teachers in grades preK-6, early childhood, elementary 

and middle school lesson plans, activities, teaching ideas and resources on the internet for the classroom teacher.

The Kurtz Center
Realizing that a difference can be made in the lives of those with learning disabilities/difficulties is the goal at the Kurtz Center.
The Kurtz Center allows people to become self monitoring, self checking, independent learners providing years of academic gain.

Blessed With Dyslexia
Stacy Poulos personal story. My greatest side ache is remembering the unnecessary hardship I went through to graduate from college with dyslexia.

Link to 100 success stories
Next time you turn on a light, remember it was created by a man with a learning disability.  Amongst that dyslexic population are scientific geniuses, remarkable artists, noble prize winners, actors, amazing comedians, presidents, doctors, inventors, and even extraordinary writers.

News Story
Brady man overcomes learning disability, returns to college at age 41 for doctorate

Educational Psychologist
Online help for parents and teachers. Work with an educational psychologist via e-mail Problems with: Reading, writing, spelling, and/or specific learning difficulties and dyslexia.

Schwab Foundation for Learning
Site description: Schwab Foundation for Learning offers a wide range of services for parents and educators to provide information, support and
resources to improve the lives of students with learning differences.

The Glenholme School,
Glenholme is for children with emotional, behavioral or learning disabilities and has a variety of programs & training opportunities for parents, teachers, etc.

The International Dsylexia Association's
Chech out their Kids only web site

The International Dyslexia Associaton,
Austin  Branch is dedicated to the study and treatment of the learning disability called dyslexia..

CAPD Parents' Page
Resources for Parents of Children with Central Auditory Processing Disorders This web site is intended for parents of  children who are suspect of having this disorder.

Pat's Dyslexia Home Page
Everything You Wanted to Know About Dyslexia But Didnít Know What to Ask

Moms on the Web
Parenting tips and strategies.

Study Web
Info on Learning Disability and Dyslexia

Dyslexics.Net offers free information about Dyslexia.

   This site has been developed as an interactive community resource for youth and adults with learning disabilities (LD) and attention deficit disorder  (ADD).

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